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Hey there buttbud! XD Just kidding.

I like to make flipnotes in Flipnote Hatena, but I hate the drama shit that's building up there.
I have 4 OC's: Brawny (that derping dino over there), Draco, Ying and Yang.

I'm not that social IRL .-.


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CommendarKetchup Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student General Artist
hey you still alive?
jubjub05 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Ay, where u at? :u
TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
I had a conversation with :iconfiercedragons-xd: and found out that Electivire could use Flamethrower [link] but I wondered how.

Then I remembered this video on YouTube: "Creating Hell in a Pop Bottle" [link]

What if they used electricity to split the water molecules (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen? In the video, they ignited 0.5 grams worth of water. The temperature it produced went from 25C, to 2726C in about 3 milliseconds. The air pressure also increased from 1 atm, to 7-10 atm.

Remember in the anime: "Electric Shock Showdown" [link], when Pikachu refused to evolve to defeat Lt. Surge? He was given the opportunity because Nurse Joy had a Thunderstone, but he wacked it away with his tail, saying that he wanted to win as a Pikachu.

Brock realizes that if Lt. Surge evolved his Pikachu before it could learn the speed attacks, then Pikachu still has a chance.
TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
In my collaboration with :iconnexeron:, I thought of a miniature steam engine that could be worn by a Cyndiquil, as you would a backpack. However, upon learning about the "Sterling Engine", I can see it being a better option.

The Stirling Engine has a peak thermal efficiency of 38.5%, comapred to a Spark-Ignition Gasoline Engine, which is 20-25%.

A simple explanation on how a Beta-Type works:
The Stirling Engine works by the expansion of air (Using heat) on one side of the Power Piston. Some of that mechanical energy is used by the Displacer Piston (Inertia) to move hot air from one side to the other. Ideally, as the air cools, it contracts, pulling the Power Piston (Or making it easier to move) to the other end. This can also work by chilling one side to make a temperature difference.

These Ultra LTD "Kontax Stirling Engines" [link] can work on a tempreature difference of about 10 degrees Celsius.

As before, the temperature difference comes from the fames upon the Cyndiquil's back.
The engine itself, could be made using materials such as Beryllium (Be 2+), Iridium (Ir 2+), Titanium (Ti 2+), or Silver (Ag 1+).

Beryllium (Ber-yll-ium, P4) is a relatively rare earth metal. It's dimensional stability over a wide temperature range, makes it unique among the elements. It also has good corrosion and fatigue resistance (The best being Iridium), but is highly toxic.

The McLaren Formula One team used Mercedes-Benz engines, with Beryllium-Aluminium alloy pistons.

Pure Silver (Ag 1+) on the other hand, is non-toxic because it only has one valence electron on the outer shell, compared to Beryllium (Be 2+) or Mercury (Hg 2+) which have two. The 2nd electron oxidizes into a toxic form. [link] [link]

Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.

Built by a team of engineers in their workshop, the engine was also designed for attaching upgrades, giving Fire-Types new possibilities, such as generating electrical attacks, which could be a Zap-Cannon or a Rail Gun (Magnetic Gun).

Note: The only other dual Fire-Electric Type, is Rotom (As a Microwave).

Mario's 'Flood' from "Super Mario Sunshine" doubled as a jet pack [link], so what if the Hydro Pump was used in the same way?

TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
The following, is a collaboration with :icondrakyartist:

The Petilil, while they may appear weak, have an advantage when paired with a Litwick (Or one of it's evolutions).

A look at 4 abilities from Petilil's moveset

Synthesis: Restores HP, based on weather conditions. [link]
(Sunny: 2/3 HP, Normal: 1/2 HP, Other: 1/4 HP)

Aromatherapy: Cures all team mates of any ailment (Sleep, Poision, Paralysis, Freeze, and Burn). [link]

Sunny Day: Increases the power of Fire-Type moves by 50%. The ability "Leaf Guard" (So long as Sunny Day is in effect) will make the wielder immune to status effects, and is also the 'Hidden Ability' of Petilil)

Chlorophyll: So long as Sunny Day is in effect, the user speed will be doubled (In PMD, the wielder can attack twice in one turn). [link]

Let's assume that these 4 abilities were all that a Petilil had. In that case, there's nothing they have to attack with, but a Litwick could use their life force and be the one to attack for them.

Sunny Day + Chlorophyll (Moving twice in one turn) + Synthesis (2/3 HP Restored) [link]

A Petilil could supply a Litwick with enough energy to raise it's ranking from Pichu to Pikachu.

The next part I made myself:

A Ditto, that can select and transform, using the individual body parts of another Pokemon. They could select the best feature's and combine them into a single Pokemon (A mutant, in other words).

A PMD team fighting a combined version of their best attributes.

A sub-version of this could be a single Pokemon, made of Ditto's merged together. Each becoming a separate body part (Legs, Arms, Head, Tail).

This could be seen as a prodigy of "Voltron". [link]

What if this was a shiny Ditto?

This is the result of the collaboration with :iconnexeron: who wanted a team of Engineers with a Cyndaquil (As leader). This also includes some non-cannon work.

A Cyndaquil with a steam engine strapped onto their back, powered by their flame.
Built by a team of engineers in their workshop, the engine was also designed for attaching upgrades.
This opens up new possibilities for the engine (Steam punk Technology).

For example: Mario's 'Flood' from "Super Mario Sunshine" doubled as a jet pack. [link]

The workshop could be like Funky's boat-house from "Donkey Kong - Double Trouble". [link]

These are non-cannon concepts:

How a Porygon could gain access to a network, without it's uses knowing.

A Porygon2 helped create a new microchip for a security system, but what if they hard-wired their own software into the chips design? > (Without them knowing?)

Software, designed to install itself once certain events take place.
It could remove any trace of it's presence, but could install itself again.

The software, once installed, would create a backdoor (Hole) within the security system.

But what would be the motive?

1. So all the Porygon could freely explore the network? > (Without anyone knowing?)

2. A Porygon2 may exibit emotions not part of it's programming.
So what if they got a thrill from having an effect on other peoples lives? > (Good intentions?)
What if they learned this emotion from someone else?

3. What if they were following orders? To create a circuit board for rigging a security system?

What if a pair of engineers discovered something strange while during in a system checkup?

In the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", the Trans-Am is an overclocking feature built into the GN Drive (The Power Supply). This increased the power output by 300%, but was unknown to exist until a signal activated the ability (The Trans-Am was a feature of the Black Box). [link]

An overclocking power? > (Attached to a charge stone?)

What if there were 4 BIOS (Boot-up) microchips, that activated a Regigigas?

By activating the other 3 colossi, their chips will signal the one in Regigigas.

A cool flash game: [link]
This one's more relaxing: [link]

In mission 6.1, the Zorua known as Charcoal is leading teams through a difficult (And potentially dangerous) part of the forest.

Out of cannon, let's say that two different paths can be taken.
The shortest path is the quickest, but is the most dangerous (Traps / Illusions).
The second path is safer, but longer.

So long as Charcoal guides them, the teams should make their destination.
(Assuming they stay in the group)

My idea is that, at some point Charcoal would be able to disguise another Pokemon by changing their appearance.

What if each of Shade's children had a special talent, with this being Charcoal's?
For example, Charcoal disguising two Pokemon as a Zweilous?

In case your wondering, I know the Zorua's name is Charcoal because of this pic: [link]
If the names and their order (In the description) are to be followed, then it can be used to identify the Zorua in this picture: [link]


I thought it was cute how they were playing cards in the 9th Panel. [link]
rashdino98 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

I would love to colaborate, any need for ideas?
TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Most of the work I do is about finding out what I want (Asking questions to develop the details). Working with other people helps me to decide that.

If you have any idea's, I'll see what I can do with them.
rashdino98 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I just had this little idea for the Event 6.2 comic:

What if the zoruas had the ability to control minds? I mean, if they can't copy other pokemon's body form, they could use a move like, I dunno, Dark Pulse to control their minds for a period of time.

Altough this idea needs polish.
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TheInvertedTower Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Dear :iconrashdino98:

I want to help others with their PMD-E teams, not having one myself. I can relay interesting concepts between people (Like a bridge).

I search for idea's in Books, Movies, Games, Popular T.V. shows and cartoons, often scanning the synopsis (Syn - op - sis) of each episode, looking for anything of interest.

I do my best to make the work seem relevant, but if it sounds like I'm not giving the full story (only the parts I find interesting), it's because I'm letting other people fill the gaps. Even if it doesn't seem related to PMD-E, it can still be used (The concept). I don't see much to be gained by following rules (At least not so strictly).

I have some material prepared, if you'd like to see it.
rashdino98 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure, sounds intresting :)
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